» » 206 Senior Medium and Heavy to Pay Top Three at Kershaw

206 Senior Medium and Heavy to Pay Top Three at Kershaw

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AKRA is pleased to announce the first of several extra contingencies and prizes we’ll be offering at the Carolina Motorsports Park American Sprint Cup Series “Southern Tour” opener this March 18-20.

Two of the series’ headline classes – 206 Medium and 206 Heavy – will be guaranteed to pay back to the weekend’s top-three overall finishers. The best average finisher in each class will be guaranteed at least $300, while second and third place will take home $200 and $100.

If we reach 20 or more entries in either class, we’ll up the winner’s share to $500.

206 Medium will run at 350# and Heavy at 390# with the spec Vega FH tire, 4.60 front / 6.00 rear. CIK or traditional 4-cycle sprint bodywork are both allowed. The AKRA American Sprint Cup Series’ LO206 classes will run under the 206 Cup Series rules.

“With the recent growth of the LO206 platform in sprint racing, we wanted to start out by offering some payouts at our opener,” AKRA Sprint director Keith Shampine stated. “We haven’t forgot about our other classes, and we’ll be announcing more contingencies and promotions soon. We feel like the Senior 206 divisions will be our largest and most competitive classes, and we’re excited to give our racers a little something extra to compete for, and help with the travel expenses.”

Top-five finishers in all classes will receive trophies for each day’s main event finishing order. The payouts and other TBA contingencies are a bonus.

Pre-registration is now open for the Southern Tour opener at Kershaw. Click here for online pre-registration.

Direct questions to Keith Shampine at 704-662-5350 / keithshampine@gmail.com or Bill McCutcheon at 704-764-8138 / billmcfast@aol.com.

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