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AKRA Looking Forward to Inaugural Visit to Ohio’s Thompson Kart Raceway

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When the AKRA / Vega USA American Sprint Cup Series 2016 schedule was announced several months ago, many racers pointed to the July 29-31 date at Ohio’s Thompson Kart Raceway as one of the “must-attend” events on the new series’ calendar.

Now, as the dog days of another hot summer continue, we’re less than two weeks away from Round 3 of the American Sprint Cup presented by Target Distributing of South Bend, Indiana.

Online and mail-in pre-registration is available for the Thompson event. Click here for online registration. Click here for the PDF mail-in form.

The pre-entry fee is $80 per class per day. Pre-registration is open through the Tuesday (July 26) before the race weekend.

Friday Practice

Thompson’s host club – the Championship Kart Racing Association (CKRA) – will be holding this event’s Friday practice session. CKRA officials will collect payment for practice at the track Friday, July 29. While the fee has not been set, it will be very reasonable and there will be plenty of track time, consistent with all AKRA Sprint events.

Kid Kart tire rule opened for Thompson

The LO206 and Comer Kid Kart division will be open tire for the Thompson event. Kid Karters are welcomed to compete and may use their tire of choice. As always, new tires are NOT required for Kid Karts.

LO206 and Comer Kid Karts will run together but will be scored separately.

LO206 Engine Rules

For the Thompson event only, CKRA club racers who have been competing in club races with a non-sealed LO206 engine will be allowed to compete in AKRA’s 206 divisions.

If the engine seal is broken, the bottom end will be teched and must meet all required Briggs & Stratton engine specifications. If it does not, the result will be a disqualification.

If you’re planning to run the AKRA Thompson event and want to ensure your LO206 engine meets the specs, click here for the Briggs & Stratton LO206 engine rules.

Vega Tires

Vega FH and XM TaG tires will be available for purchase at Thompson. You may pre-order at TSRacing.com or call your local dealer.


There are approximately eight premium parking spots available at Thompson. Price for a premium spot is $50. All other parking will be free.

Overnight RV camping is allowed and is free (hookups not available).

If you are interested in camping and/or premium parking for the AKRA event, contact CKRA’s Doug Marsh at 440-289-5291 or email doug.marsh@ckra.org.


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