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American Sprint Cup Southern Tour Round 1 – What to Expect…

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The AKRA American Sprint Cup Series is set to kick off next weekend – March 18-20 – at Carolina Motorsports Park for the “Southern Tour” Round 1 presented by Razor Chassis and Roberts Kart Shop.

We’ve waited and prepared a long time for this event and now it’s nearly here and we’re excited to go racing!

Here is some of what to expect at the first-ever AKRA American Sprint Cup event.

  1. Our series will the 206 Cup Series rulebook unless there is a difference we have in place that is listed on the Supplemental Rules handout. Example: One of the few differences is AKRA’s 206 Senior Heavy class will run at 375# while the 206 Cup’s class is 390#.
  1. Sixteen classes are being offered however we anticipate approx. 12 actual class groups with several class combinations.
  1. Saturday and Sunday’s program will consist of each class group receiving two 5-minute practice rounds; one Qualifying session; two Heat races and one Feature. Lap counts to be announced at drivers meeting.
  1. Heat One’s starting order will be determined by qualifying. Heat Two’s starting order will be set by Heat One’s finishing order.
  1. The Feature Race starting order will be determined by total points accumulated throughout the heat races. All ties will be broken by best lap time recorded during the heats. See Heat Points Structure on page 5 of 206 Cup Series rules.
  1. Competitors in all classes except TaG Junior and TaG Senior must qualify Saturday on a set of new Vega FH (Blues) tires. Tires will be painted at qualifying Saturday and must be used in all rounds of competition through Sunday’s Feature.
  1. TaG Junior and TaG Senior: New set of tires required at qualifying each day and to be used in each day’s heat(s) and main event. Tires must be same brand and compound on all four corners of kart. No mixing brands and/or compounds.
  1. Rain tire compound is the Vega W5.
  1. Kid Karts will not race in the rain. Rain points will be awarded if needed.
  1. The three-race “Southern Tour” will include a points series with an awards package to top class finishers in the final standings. The awards package will include trophies and product! Southern Tour points awards will be presented at the American Sprint Cup Series Grand National Championship October 21-23 at Jacksonville.

Southern Tour events are:

  1. March 18-20 Kershaw, SC
  2. April 29-May 1: Dublin, Ga.
  3. Sept. 23-25: Barnesville, Ga.
  1. The American Sprint Cup Southern Tour will count best 5 of 6 finals toward championship point standings. Competitors are allowed to drop one race. See Championship points structure on page 5 of 206 Cup Series rules.
  1. AKRA temporary memberships will be available for $10 per driver and sold only at the track. Temporary members will not be eligible for American Sprint Cup “Southern Tour” Series or Road Race Series points or year-end prizes. Full-year AKRA membership is $45 adult and $15 junior.


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