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Rules Not Changing for 2017, Schedule To Be Announced Soon

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AKRA owner Bill McCutcheon
AKRA owner Bill McCutcheon

AKRA officials are proud to announce that no major changes will be made to current American Sprint Cup Series class structure and rules. We will continue to offer 2-cycle and 4-cycle divisions for all ages, and our 4-cycle classes will be open to TRADITIONAL 4-CYCLE SPRINT-STYLE BODWORK and LAYDOWN SEAT and CIK-style bodywork and seat setups.

From AKRA owner Bill McCutcheon:

“We have built our program around giving racers a place to race utilizing existing equipment at a fair and reasonable price, and give them the best value for their dollar possible. We have done that with a great tire program in Vega, and a format that gives bountiful track time and quality competition. As we state time after time, it’s not about the organization, it’s about meeting the needs of our racers and the best interest of the industry as a whole. AKRA is, and always has been, an organization for the racers, by racers.”

The 2017 American Sprint Cup Series schedule will be announced this fall. We’re anticipating a similar program with a Southern Tour and Northern Tour and a year-end Grand National Championship event.

Direct American Sprint Cup Series questions or comments to Bill McCutcheon at 704-764-8138 / billmcfast@aol.com or Keith Shampine at 704-662-5350 / keithshampine@gmail.com.

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