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Saturday Night Money Racing at Nicholson AKRA Event

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The fourth and final round of the 2016 AKRA / Vega USA American Sprint Cup Series – set for August 26-28 at Chestertown, Maryland’s Nicholson Speedway – will include a bonus for many racers with the addition of four special “money races” Saturday following the conclusion of the regular AKRA racing program.

Four classes will be offered Saturday evening and each will boast a $600 purse with $300 going to the winner; $200 for second place and $100 for third place.

Money classes will be:

  • LO206 Senior Heavy (375#)
  • Pro Gas Animal (360#) / Stock Animal (375#)
  • TaG Senior (attained age 15 and up)
  • TaG Masters (age 35 and up)

Entry fee for each money class is $50 per driver. In order to be eligible for the money, the driver must enter at least one AKRA national class. A driver may choose only compete in the Saturday night program and not enter an AKRA points class, however, there will be no purse offered to a driver who does not enter at least one AKRA points class. The points class may be entered either Saturday or Sunday.

TaG Senior and TaG Masters will utilize AKRA TaG “limited” open tire rules found HERE. LO206 Heavy and the Animal class will utilize AKRA class specs with LO206 mandating 6.00 rear tires and the Animal division (Pro Gas and Stock Animal) has the option of 6.00 or 7.10 rears.

For LO206 and Animal, the spec tire is the Vega FH.

Drivers interested in purchasing Vega tires may do so at TSRacing.com or contact your local dealer. TS Racing is currently offering a sale for the 7.10 rears for just $26.48 each and a complete set (fronts and rears) for just $150.00!  Direct link to 7.10 FH sale.

Each class’s format will consist of a three-minute qualifying session and a 15-lap feature. The feature’s starting lineup will be set “heads-up” (no invert) from qualifying results.

Nicholson Speedway offers lighting, if needed. TaG or 4-cycle drivers interested in competing in multiple money classes with the same kart are encouraged to do so! AKRA officials will give enough time for teams to switch engines and setups if there are teams competing in multiple divisions with the same kart.

The money is GUARANTEED and sponsored by Nicholson Speedway and track manager John Anderson. However, officials are reserving the right to change a money class if not enough entries are reached in a particular division. The four classes being offered are based on classes with good interest regionally in the Mid-Atlantic area.

Click here to pre-enter for the AKRA American Sprint Cup Northern Tour Round 4.

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