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American Sprint Cup Tire Clarifications

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We have received various questions about tire rules for the American Sprint Cup Series March 18-20 opener at Carolina Motorsports Park. Here are some clarifications based on the inquiries we’ve received.

The spec tire for all classes except TaG Junior and TaG Senior is the Vega FH. All classes except the two TaG classes must run the same set of tires beginning with Saturday qualifying through Sunday’s final.

Tires will be painted when karts enter the grid for Saturday qualifying.

We’re not mandating all drivers must register for the entire weekend. A driver may choose to enter only for Sunday’s competition.

In the case of a competitor racing Sunday only, the entrant must present a set of used Vega FH tires with which to compete. Both the race director and head tech officials must approve the set of tires to ensure the set is used, and not just “scuffed.”

While we don’t expect an overage of racers competing Sunday only, if this this your plan we urge you to plan ahead and secure a set of used tires in advance. Arrangements can be made through AKRA officials (contact Keith Shampine) to set aside a set of someone’s Friday practice tires for you to race Sunday.

Tire policy for practice

In an effort to save racers money, we will allow any tire for Friday practice and Saturday morning’s practice session. While we expect most racers will practice on the Vega FH’s, if there are drivers simply looking for experience and track time, for example, this open-tire practice policy is designed to save them from purchasing an extra set of Vega FH’s if they have another brand of tires they wish to practice with.

6.00 Rears for Senior 4-cycle

As we’ve promoted from the start, senior 4-cycle classes will run 6.00 rears. The recommended rear wheel is the Van-K 340.5775.32 (polished) or 345.5775.32 (black). This wheel measures 7 ¾” width and 3” back-space. This is a recommended wheel. It is not mandatory.

206 Cadet and Pro Gas Cadet Rear Tire Option

Per 206 Cup Series rules, racers in 206 Cadet and Pro Gas Cadet will have the optional rear tire size of either 4.60 or 6.00. Spec tire is the Vega FH.

This does not pertain to TaG Cadet Restricted, TaG Cadet Unrestricted or Yamaha Cadet. These classes must run 4.60 rears.

TaG class tires

Here are the legal tires and rules for TaG Senior and TaG Junior:

Tire: MG Yellow (Wet: “WT”), Hoosier R60A (Wet: “WET”), Bridgestone YLM (Wet: “YLP”), Bridgestone YLC (Wet: “YLP”), Vega FH (Wet: “W5”) Vega XM (Wet: “W5”), Mojo D2 (Wet: “W2”)

Tire Size: Front 4.60 / Rear 7.10

Tire Rules: New set of tires required each day. Tires must be same brand and compound on all four corners of kart. No mixing brands and/or compounds.

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