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Cadet and Senior Class Rule Clarifications

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206 Cadet and Pro Gas Cadet Rear Tire Option

Per 206 Cup Series rules, racers in 206 Cadet and Pro Gas Cadet will have the optional rear tire size of either 4.60 or 6.00. Spec tire is the Vega FH.

This does not pertain to TaG Cadet or Yamaha Cadet. These classes must run 4.60 rears.

Event Tire Rule

All classes except TaG Junior and TaG Senior will be required to run the same set of tires during all of Saturday and Sunday’s programs. Tires will be painted at qualifying Saturday, and must be run through Sunday’s final.

You are not required to qualify Saturday with new tires. You may opt to qualify Saturday with used Vega FH tires. You will need to race these tires through the entire weekend program.

Senior Rear Wheels

All Senior 4-cycle classes will mandate Vega FH 6.00 rear tires. 7.10s will not be permitted.

The recommended rear wheel is the Van-K 340.5775.32 (polished) or 345.5775.32 (black-anodized). These measure 7 ¾” width with 3” back-space.

There has been much discussion regarding not running 7.10 rears. While 206 Cup Series mandate the 6.00 rears, AKRA also supports the 6.00 rear tire as the ideal size for the LO206 Junior, Senior and Pro Gas Animal platforms.

We’re committed to staying consistent with the 206 Cup Series rules package and we’re encouraged with the number of series and tracks adopting the rules package and Vega tire rules for LO206 sprint racing in 2016.

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