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Two of Three AKRA Sprint Cup Northern Tour Events Confirmed

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Two of Three AKRA Sprint Cup Northern Tour Events Confirmed

GVKC_kart-gokart-racingAKRA is pleased to announce we have confirmed two of the three events of the inaugural American Sprint Cup Series “Northern Tour” as this exciting new 2-cycle and 4-cycle combined program continues to take shape.

The Northern Tour will open June 3-5 at the Genesee Valley Kart Club in Avon, NY, a historic sprint track a short jaunt from the city of Rochester in Western New York.

For decades the Avon sprint track has hosted GVKC club series and other regional-level events. In recent years the club and its supporters have invested a considerable amount of money in repaving the entire track and widening it in select areas.

We hope bringing an AKRA regional series Grand National qualifier to the track will help grow participation for the GVKC club throughout the 2016 season. We believe the GVKC will provide a terrific opening venue for the Northern Tour with a challenging, well-maintained track; clean venue; adequate parking areas and a fun, friendly atmosphere.

nicholson-speedwayWhile round two of the Northern Tour is still To Be Announced, round three will have AKRA sprint racers in Maryland at Nicholson Speedway in Chestertown.

The Northern Tour will conclude August 26-28 at Nicholson, a quarter-mile sprint track that once hosted national 4-cycle sprint races. The track holds weekly club events from April through November each year, and this year’s AKRA Northern Tour race will mark the first traveling series to visit Chestertown quite some time.

We feel both GVKC and Nicholson fit into the American Sprint Cup’s objectives and goals nicely. Our goal is to grow sprint karting in this region, and we hope promoting these Northern Tour events help get racers throughout the region excited to get their karts out to race against other karters throughout the Northeast and Midwest.

Much appreciation and thanks goes out to Al Gutberlet of GVKC and John Anderson of Nicholson Speedway for the opportunity to bring the AKRA Sprint Cup Series to the Avon and Chestertown tracks.

We’re working hard to confirm round two of the Northern Tour and we’ll announce as soon as the track and date are confirmed.

Drivers who enter and compete in a minimum of three 2016 American Sprint Cup regional events qualify for an AKRA Grand National Championship at the October 21-23 AKRA Grand National Championship in Jacksonville, FL. AKRA is offering three Northern and three Southern regional events in 2016 (six total), and drivers may choose to compete in any three events to become eligible for a Grand National Championship in their class.

Regional and Grand National prize packages to be announced soon!

Below is a preliminary class structure for the Sprint Cup Northern Tour:

AKRA “Northern Tour”

Proposed Class Structure

  1. Kid Kart (Comer or LO206) (age 5 to 8)
  2. 206 Cadet 265# (age 7 to 12)
  3. TaG Cadet 235# (Mini Swift) (age 7 to 12)
  4. Yamaha Cadet 235# (age 7 to 12)
  1. 206 Junior 310# (age 12 to 15)
  2. Yamaha Junior 310# (age 12 to 15)
  1. 206 Medium 350# (age 15 and up)
  2. 206 Heavy 390# (age 15 and up)
  3. 206 Masters 390# (age 35 and up)
  4. Pro Gas Animal 375# (age 15 and up)
  5. Stock Animal 375# (methanol) (age 15 and up)
  1. Yamaha Senior Can 360# (age 15 and up)
  2. TaG Senior (age 15 and up)
  3. TaG Masters (age 35 and up)

Local option classes To Be Determined

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