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Jacksonville Storm Update

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For Immediate Release

From the Office of AKRA & NFKC

In an effort to keep our American Sprint Cup racers informed we have prepared this initial statement. We are quite sure that each of you have been following the track of the major storm in the Atlantic that is still on approach towards the southern US coast. Governor Scott of Florida has already given a state of emergency for the entire state of Florida(all 60 plus Counties).

We are continually monitoring the path of this weather system so as to make an appropriate decision as to the AKRA Southern tour event scheduled for this weekend at the 103rd Street Sports Complex in Jacksonville Florida.

A final decision on this event will be officially made by the close of Business on Wednesday 9/6/2017. The safety and well being of our racers, homes, and loved ones will be at the forefront of this agonizing decision.

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